6 lessons to learn from rahul dravid

Cricket is a gentlemen’s game and the only Indian cricketer who has proved it correct to the entire cricket fraternity is the legendary Rahul Dravid.

Cricket is not all about hitting boundaries and taking wickets, being a part of this game pushes you to maintain decency and be a gentleman on the field.

Being a cricketer and continuing with the good game throughout the career is quite difficult and even it’s impossible but this difficulty can somehow be tackled by promisingly following a set of principles and guidance by the legendary cricketers.

EXPERIENCE COUNTS, yes that’s absolutely true.

Experience is something that helps to excel in a career. It doesn’t matter if it’s a good or bad experience but learning from each stage of life helps you grow.

Rahul Dravid is the best example of a complete cricketer for the youngsters.

Either it’s about his game or his life, there are a bunch of lessons to learn from his experience.

Though it’s not possible to become the next Rahul Dravid but these 7 learning’s from his life may change you as a person and help you grow in life.


6 lessons to learn from rahul dravid

Patience is a virtue and a tough skill to master.

The patience is all about working hard on something by being calm and waiting for the result to show its charm.

The quote HARDWORK PAYS OFF somehow strongly relates with patience.

Hard work is the input you are giving to a particular subject you are working on, followed by patience which is the intermediate and vital phase throughout this journey which finally results in an outcome.

This fine art of patience was completely mastered by the Indian artist, THE WALL.

Rahul Dravid was honored with the name THE WALL because of his ability to stand on the crease and keep on running the scoreboard with his masterstrokes.

 286 Test innings, Dravid played 31,258 balls

The numbers above are enough to describe the patience and determination of this cricketer.


6 lessons to learn from rahul dravid

Consistency is the key to success. Nothing can be achieved overnight, it’s mandatory to work your ass off for your goal with a consistent effort.

Within hard work, patience, and consistency, consistency is the toughest thing to learn.

Being successful in any field becomes easier once you learn the art of sacrifice and consistency.

In a few interviews, Rahul Dravid had addressed that, for him the game was everything.

Starting from his childhood, the only thing he used to do after his studies was to practice in the nets. He was crystal clear about his goal and used to work hard to achieve it.

According to him, challenges will always be a part of your life whatever the field may be but its only who can tackle it with your sheer determination, self-confidence, and consistency.

Team Man

6 lessons to learn from rahul dravid

The team man describes Rahul Dravid quite well. He always preferred playing for the team by understanding the situation of the game.

If the team needs him to play a bit aggressive then you will get to see a new Dravid with his classy shots.

He believes that being a team man is more important to become a leader. Being a responsible cricketer he knows what the team needs from him and rarely disappoints them with it.

Never Give Up

6 lessons to learn from rahul dravid

Giving up on anything is not at all a wise solution.

To achieve something big it’s important to have a positive mindset and keep consistency in the work.

The struggle and pain you are going through now will definitely pay you off with something big in the future.

There is no one in this world who hasn’t struggled to achieve something big.

It was never that easy for Rahul Dravid to become India’s Greatest Test Cricketer.

There is a lot of unseen effort and never give up the mindset behind it. His struggle from being a Test cricketer to one of India’s finest ODI cricketer is remarkable.


6 lessons to learn from rahul dravid

This defines the humble nature of an individual. Calmness helps an individual to enhance all aspects of life and get new learning at each stage.

When it comes to calmness and humbleness the only cricket which strikes our mind is Rahul Dravid.

His calmness has always been a form of learning for each and every cricket enthusiast.

Dravid speaks less and works more for his goal, this has what made him such a legendary cricketer.

Once he was offered an honorary doctorate degree because of his achievements but he declined it saying he has done nothing to earn it.

Rahul Dravid is the only cricketer who has never lost his temper on the ground.

Though he has been sledded and misbehaved by many other cricketers on the field his response to them was always with a gentle smile.


6 lessons to learn from rahul dravid

A better focus and vision in any aspect can make drastic change in life.

It’s very important to focus on the hard work and outcome rather than the obstacles.

Challenges and obstacles are a part and partial of life and it’s necessary for every individual to stand strong against it and focus on the goal to achieve it.

A better focus on the goal will give a wide vision to conquer it.

This is what Rahul Dravid did in his entire cricketing career. He only focused on improving his game and giving the best for his team and country.

Once he was only considered as a test batsman and was not given much chance in the ODIs for his passive gameplay but gradually with his amazing knocks and attacking cricket he started proving the selectors wrong.


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