AB De VILLIERS or JOs BUTTLER – Who is the complete 360° batsman?

The Gentleman’s game of cricket in undergoing modernization in recent times. T20 format, the youngest format has been in the limelight for the time because of its short span and high voltage entertainment.

Many cricket experts say that t20 may lead to the death of the game but they cannot disagree the drama and the nerves a T20 match creates.

For any batsman to score runs on every ball is nearly impossible with orthodox cricketing shots. Thus we see some mind-blowing unorthodox shots played by the batsmen which score runs of the best balls. There are only a few batsmen in the world who have mastered the art of playing these shots.

Any cricketer who has the ability to play shots both orthodox classy ones as the unorthodox cheeky ones that too all around the park are known as the 360 -degree cricketers.

Only a few have been given this title. This requires a lot of concentration and the full knowledge of the field placements as a small wicket can result in the return to the pavilion.

Now let us talk about the two best 360 Cricketers in the recent times. They are AB De Villiers from South Africa and J0s Buttler from the England. These two in recent times have shown the art of playing these shots to the best of their extent and entertained the cricket fans.

Best 360 Cricketer – Ab de Villiers or Jos Buttler ?


Ab de Villiers playing unorthodox shot, 360 batsman

The South African wicket-keeper batsman is the best 360 cricketer the cricketing forum has ever seen. He has the ability to play the classic cricketing shots as well as the cheeky ones out of nowhere to produce tremendous entertainment for the audience.

They may be supporting any team, but everyone would love to see him bat like the way he bats.

His tremendous fitness and dedication to the game have made him able to do so. After even being retired from competitive international cricket, he has kept himself up to the mark for the different domestic tournaments. He is very much loved by the audience as well as the cricket geeks.

Jos Buttler

Jos Buttler playing an unorthodox shot, 360 batsman

This English wicket-keeper batsman has been the emerging player as a 360 cricketer. He is the one whom the English lower middle order nearly depends upon for any game. He is the go to cricketer who can be used to get some quick fire knocks in the death overs. His confidence to back his shots, excellent knowledge of the field placement makes him so devastating for the fielding side.

When Butler is at his best the best of the Yorkers can be dispatched to the fine leg or third man boundary out if nowhere and frustrate the bowler. Butler has a different kind of approach to the game he mostly sticks to the orthodox shots if se to bat in the initial overs of the game and mostly changes over to the cheeky ones in the death.


Comparing both these would not be that fair as one has already retired from competitive cricket while the other has been in the high of his career. Still, we would like to compare their game plans or their approach to the game.

Now if it comes to comparison we need to clarify who is the best, AB De Villiers or Jos Buttler ?

AB always tends to play the shots he thinks is the best irrespective of time of the game the bats. He can mix those shots anytime and every time he wants.

While for Jos Butler as mentioned earlier he plays with a different approach in the initial over and a different at the death. Most of the orthodox ones in the initial overs and the best cheeky ones in the death.

These kinds of batsmen who play all around the park especially in the death have made death bowling a difficult art to master. Anyone who bowls them in the death has to very much careful. A little mistake in line or length can make them go for a boundary.



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