In India cricket is not less than a stream for education. Education doesn’t only define the regular courses we study in our schools or colleges, rather it gives us knowledge on any sector we are working on. Nowadays cricket has become a stream of education for youngsters. And once you need to excel in any particular stream, proper guidance and training are necessary. As we have colleges for studying the basics of any stream we opt for, similarly there are few best cricket academies in India that focus on providing quality training to youngsters for a bright future in the field of cricket.

Sehwag Cricket Academy

Sehwag cricket academy is founded by one of the legendary Indian cricketer VIRENDRA SHEWAG in the year 2011.

The organization aims at providing quality cricket training to the youngsters and help them grow for a better cricketing career.

Sehwag Cricket Academy owns a great infrastructure and has world-class experts for the training of the youngsters.

They focus on producing skilled cricketers by availing them of the best facilities like advanced cricket accessories, tours, tournaments, and camps.

This organization is considered as one of the best cricket academies in India for its world-class training structure, designed by the founder Virendra Sehwag.

In every sport, discipline is the most important factor, and to maintain the decorum of the organization a few set of rules and regulations has been set by the members of the organization.

Trainees violating the rules will be punished as per the listed rules and regulations. Sehwag cricket academy provides the facilities of international tours to the deserving cricketers for a better analysis of the game.


Karnataka Institute of Cricket is one of the finest cricket academies in Bangalore.

Karnataka Institute of Cricket (KIOC) aims at delivering superior training to budding cricketers with cutting edge technologies and advanced software of cricket for better coaching.

KIOC is founded by one of the members of Coach Associations of England and Australia, IRFAN SAIT.

The cricket academy has a great team of 40+ coaches who are assigned at various sectors of the sport to enhance the skills of the budding cricketers.

KIOC even helps cricketers improve their game through a special one to one coaching with the best trainers of the organization.

Along with field practice of the game, they are also trained in the classrooms covering various areas of cricket studies.

Starting from International cricketers to Indian Cricketers, keep on visiting the academy and flourishing the trainees with their overall knowledge of the sport.

KIOC has produced many cricketers who are representing India in the current state.

Madan Lal Cricket Academy

Madan Lal Cricket Academy is a school-based cricket academy founded by the former Indian Cricketer Madan Lal.

The organization focuses on education along with the sport and hence has a collaboration with the Amenity School of Education.

Madan Lal Cricket Academy is considered as the best cricket academy in India.

The organization aims at exploring new talents and nurturing them along with their best expert team to make them stand out as leaders.

The organization promises to provide the trainees with the best cricketing equipment as well as advanced facilities.

Currently, the organization is working with Blake Moore as their head coach for the youngsters.

The academy strongly believes that quality is much more important than quantity and hence have a limited registration of trainees every year.

They have a special facility of Individual training where the trainee gets an opportunity to be guided one to one by the Ex- Indian Cricketer Madan Lal.  Amenity Madan Lal Residential Cricket School is the best of all because of their education and cricket combo.


VB Cricket Academy was founded by the former Indian Cricketer V.B.CHANDRASEKHAR in the year 1997.

V.B. Cricket Academy focuses on delivering superior training facilities to their trainees with their scientific coaching methods and infrastructure facilities.

The academy being an old organization in the cricket training program assures to provide the best training sessions virtually as well as on the field.

The V.B.Cricket Academy is located at Chennai and is considered as the best cricket training center of the city.


National Cricket Academy is the official cricket academy of India. NCA is located at Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bengaluru, Karnataka.

NCA works with a motto to improve the game of cricket in India.

NCA has produced many cricketing stars to the Indian team with their excellent training structure.

The academy ensures the budding cricketers a bright future in the field of cricket by providing them latest functioning and machinery.

The camps for the national teams are held at NCA. The academy is well equipped and even has residential facilities for the trainees.

NCA helps the emerging talents of India to grow into big names of the Indian Cricket team in the future.


Vengsarkar Cricket Academy was founded by former Indian Cricketer Dilip Vengsarkar in the year 1994.

The academy is widely known for its military-style training. As per the director of VCA, military-based training develops a discipline within the trainees and helps them stay focused on the game.

Being a military-based cricket training center, VCA has strict rules and regulations for the trainees.

The cricketers willing to be a part of this academy have to clear certain selection processes.

Vengsarkar Cricket Academy provides an excellent platform for the junior cricketers and is also the world-class cricket selection academy.

VCA has produced cricketers like Ajit Agarkar, Yuvraj Singh.


Jaipuria Cricket Academy aims to uncover the hidden talent to produce cricketers of tomorrow.

Jaipuria Cricket Academy was founded by the Jaipuria Group owner Mr. Anuraag Jaipuria.

Jaipuria cricket academy is listed as one of the best cricket academies in India.

After the formation of various forms of cricket, somewhere test match has become a boring part of cricket for the youngsters and hence JCA has the vision to set back the test match cricket into the current scenario.

The academy serves the youngsters with advanced cricket coaching along with the best expert trainers team led by Mr. Rohit Jhalani and Mr. Vineet Saxena.

Fitness and diet being a major factor to look after for every cricketer, Jaipuria Cricket Academy even takes care of it. (Best cricket academies in India)



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