The most recent example of a ‘concussion’ came from the 1st T20 match between India and Australia.

It took place on 4 December. Yuzvendra Chahal from India was the concussion substitute of Ravindra Jadeja.

Jadeja was struck on the head towards the end of India’s innings. The team went for a substitution much to the dismay of the Australian team.

concussion in cricket

Chahal went on to pick up three vital wickets.

He was adjudged with the man of the match award for his stellar performance.


Getting a substitute is a process of replacing an injured player with a fit one.

A substitute fielder has been allowed in cricket for a long time.

The new rule came into being in July 2019 and was enforced since August 1.

The Rule

The Rule was put into the discussion after the unfortunate death of Phillip Hughes.

concussion in cricket

The rule says that after the medical team’s diagnosis if a player is found to be concussed then the team is allowed to make a ‘like-for-like’ replacement.

Concussions are mild short traumatic blows to the head in a nutshell.

First Use

In August 2019, Steve Smith was stuck on the head by a bouncer from Jofra Archer. Following this Smith was diagnosed with a concussion.

Marnus Labuschagne was declared as Smith’s replacement thus making it the first use of the rule in International Cricket.

concussion in cricket

In Women’s Cricket West Indian Cricketer Chinelle Henry was replaced by Shabika Gajnabi.

This is was the first instance of concussion substitute in Women’s Cricket.

Further Rules

The injury sustained must be within the playing area.

The injury must be diagnosed by the medical team

Medical Team/ Team Manager must submit a Concussion

Replacement Request to the Match Referee.

The Match Referee will assess if the player selected is a ‘like for like’ replacement.

The Match Referee’s decision is final and no team can further argue on it.

Good or Bad?

This rule is indeed a boon for the game. It is remotely impossible to make improper use of this rule as there are several guidelines that surround it.

Cricket is a beautiful game and new rules are improving the dynamics of it.

It is a modern world and adaptation should be the key to every solution.



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