Cricket ball explains life quite well : From childhood to the end

Cricket ball

Life is a beautiful journey, it’s important for every individual to cherish it and learn from every stage as they go through.

Beginning of the story

A few days back when I was sitting back on the sofa juggling the red season ball, I realized few things related to my life rather than about every individual life.

While juggling every time the ball used to complete a cycle back to my hand, I got learning from it. I believe that’s a type of meditation that I prefer to improve my focus in life.

The learning which I got with the completion of every cycle, I tried to relate it with life and will be sharing it with you ahead.

With the completion of the first cycle, I realized how beautifully almighty has designed our life. We keep cursing on everything we get and have regrets about why this happened to me.

Why things don’t go according to my expectations ?

Why am I the only one who always suffers ?

But in those tough times we never think of the good memories which we had or going to have in our life.

We leave everything on destiny and just try to get out of it. But we never understand even the almighty can’t do anything If we lose hope and always run away from situations.

These things never come to our mind when we are at our happy times, we don’t even think of life rather we enjoy it and again curse it with the hope that “I could have got something better”.

And it’s a human tendency, we never get satisfied with things we easily get. We expect more from everything and then hurt ourselves.

Once we start staying happy with everything we get either in the good or tough times and consider it as a part of this long journey then our life will change drastically.

A fiery seamer with a new ball

As I kept juggling, I tried to relate life with a new shiny cricket ball in the hand of a fiery seamer.

The smile which comes on the face of the seamer looking at the new shiny ball is usually seen on the 4-year-old child who is carefree and is always ready for new experiences.

At this stage of life, they have no stress, no overthinking, no grudges. They love their parents a lot and go on accordingly as they say without even thinking of it once.

They just behave like that new cricket ball.

When the seamer delivers with the new ball, he only lets the ball pitch in the right area on the seam and then makes the ball free to behave accordingly.

cricket ball

And you would have often seen in matches how a new ball makes the batsman struggled.

Respect the contribution of the team to your success

But as the ball gets a bit old the players start shining it from one side to let the ball swing and help the team get a couple of wickets.

This shows how important it is to enhance our skills and keep polishing ourselves with the new learnings to make a better change in the future.

In our life, the players who shine the ball and help us grow are our parents, mentors, friends, and every other person who has contributed a bit to bring a change in you.

cricket ball

With the ball getting older, the players stop shining it and dump the hope of the ball to swing anymore.

They expect the cricket ball to behave according to the pitch and get them wickets.

I think now you would be able to relate it with me !!

And yes you have got the context right.

Now that 4-year-old has now grown up to a young lad, he started taking his decisions himself according to the situation.

Now he is no more interested in anyone’s suggestion about his life neither his parents.

The people who backed him to bring him up to this stage are no more important for him.

He has decided to find the way ahead of himself and here comes the phase of adulthood.

Start finding your way to success

With the ball getting old, now it’s time for the bowler to grip the ball in cross-seam and try reverse swing to again make the bowler struggle.

Those slower ones, knuckleball all come under this when you try doing things in life yourself with a strong goal to achieve the target. 

With a constant effort and many sacrifices finally, you let the batsman make a mistake to that cross-seam delivery and achieve the goal you had set.

cricket ball

This success not only makes you a great bowler but also the entire team behind you who have been supporting you from the day you started your career.

So it’s always important to remember the people who have backed you.

Dhoni would not have become this great if his friends didn’t support him at those times and he always respects their contribution to his career.


Hard Work will always pay off, there is no other alternative to it. Just keep pushing yourself in the right direction and you will become one of the greats of your field.

I learned a lot in those few minutes of juggling the ball and I try implementing it in my life to make it better.

I hope you would have also learned few things from this short story. If yes then let me know the best part of yours in the comment section.



About the author

Chinmay Nanda is a engineering student and also a big cricket enthusiast who follows and covers cricket very closely .Because of the love and passion he has for the game he started to write articles about different aspects of cricket. He is the founder of CRICK ACADEMY and also one of the contributors for the blog.

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