IPL to be canceled? Will IPL be played in SRI LANKA?

Due to COVID 19 pandemic, the entire world is under lockdown. Starting from workplaces to sports centers everything has been shut down and there is no idea when everything would be back to a normal state. Ipl to be canceled.

ipl to be canceled

Along with each industry of our country, the sports industry has also taken a massive hit and is struggling to generate revenue.

Cricket the most renounced sport of our country is shut due to the pandemic and this has affected the fans as well as the cricket board.

Some big events which had been scheduled to be held this year are under hold and the board is waiting for the country to recover from this pandemic so that further decisions on organizing these events can be made.

Big events scheduled in the year 2020 are -:

INDIAN PREMIER LEAGUE – March 28 to May 24th

ASIA CUP – September

ICC T20 WORLD CUP – October to November

Out of these events, the most popular tournament of India with a huge fan base is on the way to get canceled.

As it was scheduled to start from the month of March but unfortunately due to the pandemic the tournament was postponed till April 15.

The board took this decision by assuming that everything in the country would be under control until this date.

But further due to the spreading of this virus in a rapid way the Indian Premier League is on a verge to get canceled.

Though it can be postponed for the coming months, further delaying the tournament can cause a problem for the BCCI to manage other bilateral tournaments and big events.

Even due to this the cricketers from other countries won’t be able to make them available for the tournament because of their country’s duty.

At this tough time when it’s being difficult for India to take a call about the IPL, our neighboring country SRI LANKA offers BCCI to organize this big event.

“If they play it in Sri Lanka, it’s easy for Indian audiences to watch the games on TV said There precedent for this because they have played the IPL in South Africa before. We are waiting for the Indian board to respond to our proposal. If the Indian Board does not agree to play the tournament here, we are ready to provide facilities in line with the requirements and recommendations of medical professionals. It would be a substantial source of income for Sri Lankan Cricket as well.”


It’s very humble of Sri Lankan board for taking a step forward to help INDIA organize the event and make it successful as it has always been since 2008.

As we know IPL is considered a festival in India and hence fans love being a part of it.

So, if BCCI agrees with the proposal of the Sri Lankan Cricket Board to host the IPL, it will majorly affect the IPL fans in India.

However, it’s not the first time when IPL is being planned to be organized abroad.

A few years back, In the years 2009 and 2014, India was unable to host the IPL because of the Lok Sabha and General Elections and hence then it was hosted by South Africa (2009) and UAE (2014).

But from the reply of BCCI to Sri Lankan Board, it is being assumed that India is least interested in giving Sri Lanka the opportunity to host the event.

“The BCCI will not be in a position to say anything when the world is closed. It’s too early to take a final call on the Indian Premier League.”

– BCCI Official


  • Looking after the current situation of India, it is being predicted that IPL 2020 may get canceled. So rather than canceling such a big event, Sri Lanka Cricket Board should be given a chance to host it so that end of the day the tournament will be successfully completed and this will not even hurt the fans.
  • As Sri Lanka is our neighboring country, the travelling charges of the teams with staff will be quite less.
  • By hosting the IPL 2020 Sri Lanka can generate a huge fame for organizing such a big tournament.
  • Financially it would be a huge boost for the SLC Board.
  • The accommodations for the cricketers and the team staff will be cheap as compared to India.

Though it is a piece of very bad news that IPL to be canceled but in this pandemic situation, being a responsible citizen of the country it’s our duty to follow the rules and regulations enforced by the government and help the country to be safe and recover from this situation.

We are awaiting your suggestions, comments, or anything we missed here, in the comments section below.


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