As the World Cup is not so very far from now, there have been many speculations who is in the team, who is out, who is injured, etc. But the factor which matters the most is the fitness of the sure shot players who are considered to play the crucial role in the performance of the team.
No doubt the current players are at the top of their fitness levels but a lot of high voltage cricket before the World Cup can cause physical as well as mental fatigue to the players. So there have talked of advising or instructing certain players of the Indian team to opt out of the forthcoming 12th season Indian Premier League 2019.
Now let us answer some of the questions which may arise when this topic is raised in a public forum.
Why should the players rest?
This particular question has a number of points to be answered.
First is the climate of the subcontinent. As located in the southeastern tropical region of the globe it is very much hot and humid I the month of June in which the tournament is scheduled to be held. Thus it may lead to fatigues or much other muscle related injuries due to the continuous dehydration of the body.
Second is the climate of England. As the World Cup is scheduled to be held in England and Wales which are pretty colder even in the summer than the winters in the tropical parts of India. So it is more advisable for the players to spend some time in the English conditions to help them to acclimatize to the English conditions well before the World Cup.
Third is the duration of the tournament. As the tournament is a long-running one thus injuries accompanies it even if avoided to the best possible levels. As the World Cup is scheduled just 2 weeks after the termination of the IPL there won’t be even sufficient time for anyone to recover from the injury in the above period and be part of the team again.
Fourth is the general election in India. There are many speculations that IPL 12 may not be held in India. Even if it is held as the tournament clashes with the general election thus the authorities may not able to provide proper security due to their engagements in the election procedures.
Who should rest?
Players like of Bhuvneswar Kumar and Jasprit Bumrah are the most important part of the Indian bowling attack. They being pace bowlers are to toil hard on the field. Thus we have also heard reports that the captain himself wants his seam attackers to rest for 2 months by not playing the Indian Premier League.
bumrah and bhuvneshwar kumar
Who should not rest ?
Some of the standby players or not yet confirmed players should not take a break at all rather play as much as cricket possible to make the best of them come out by the exposure in the above matches. Likes of Ambati Rayudu, Mayank Agrawal, Rishab Pant will be under the scanner of the selection team to their impact to go through into the world cup team.
Ambati Rayudu and Mayank Agarwal
Let’s see what happens in this season of the Indian Premier League and how the participation of the Indian core players affects the World Cup. Any more questions on this topic let us know in the comments section below we will try our best to answer them.

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