MS DHONI: 5 things to learn from MS DHONI

MS Dhoni has been a great inspiration for everyone in the world.

His down to earth nature has made everyone a fan of this legend. His life was never that easy as we see in the current scenario, there have been many struggles behind this success.

MS DHONI has always believed and advised to focus on the process rather than bothering about the result.

The beauty of this process will give you many learnings that would be helpful in the future.

Thala has gained millions of followers all over the world with a single smile on his face.

His entire life is full of learnings and being a youngster it’s our duty to bow down for such a legend and accept his teachings.

ms dhoni

Here are the 5 major learnings from the life of MS DHONI:

Keep Calm and go with the flow

MS DHONI himself describes the word calmness. Being calm and compose helps you focus on the right area and striking the right targets.

Even science has proved that being calm grows the ability to grab knowledge and improve as a person.

In the entire career of MS DHONI, he has come through many such situations on and off the field where he would have lost his cool and reacted in a different way.

But we rarely see that side of MSD and that shows his control over his emotions and himself.

We have been taught since childhood Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, once we start implementing this with our life the story would be something different.

Accept Failures with a Smile

Failures are equally important as success in our life. They let us know our actual worth and capabilities.

Unless we don’t face the failures we won’t be able to enjoy our success.

ms dhoni

MSD has faced many big failures in his life but he never stopped himself from working hard and giving his hundred percent.

He always accepted his failures with a smile on his face and continued chasing his dreams.

Chase your Dreams

Dreams are not meant to be kept as a thought.

Life won’t let you dream something which you won’t be able to achieve, it would only make you dream things which you have the capability to achieve.

But it would demand many sacrifices and struggles.

MS Dhoni’s journey from a ticket collector to a trophy collector even had many sacrifices and hard work, but he never gave up.

The only thing which made him achieve his dreams was his confidence in himself.

Be confident and trust your decisions

Confidence on yourself can make you achieve your dreams.

Along with being calm while taking decisions it equally important to be confident with your decisions.

MS Dhoni’s decision on quitting his job and concentrating on the game had completely shocked everyone in his family but he was very much confident with his decision and that confidence in himself made him one of the best captains in cricket history.

This made us learn that our decisions won’t be encouraged by our closed ones but if we trust our decisions we can make it big.

The art of visualizations

Visualizing helps to picture the entire scenario of our thought.

Once you start visualizing plans before executing, it would give you a clear view of the aspects you should look after while implementing it.

MS DHONI has always been seen as calm and cool during the intense phases of the game due to his power of visualization.

MS Dhoni

Before every game he spends time visualizing situations and putting stuff in the right order, this helps him with better clarity while physically facing such situations.

The art of visualization is a matter of experience and it takes time to master such amazing art.



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