MS DHONI: From a tough phase of IPL 2020 to ruling the league in 2021


From the last season of the Indian Premier League, it has been seen that people have been cursing MS DHONI for the poor performance of the Chennai Super Kings.

It’s quite important for people to understand that cricket is a game of uncertainties and in a tournament like IPL, it’s difficult to always register the slot in the first four positions.

MS Dhoni is an inspiration to millions in the entire world and his records and skills are already great proof of it. Every player has to go through a tough phase in their entire career.

At that point what’s important is the support of the followers and fans which helps the player to stand out and perform well.

Tough Phase of MS DHONI

IPL 2020 was one of those tough phases of MSD’s career and the support which he was supposed to get at that particular moment was completely missing.

It’s tough to see that the fans who have been supporting him blindly for the last twelve years of IPL started stepping back and commenting rubbish on him.

It’s not just about the game, team, or player it’s all about faith and this was somehow very disappointing.

ms dhoni

People with no knowledge about the game of cricket started pointing fingers at his age, fitness, and game but no one noticed his loyalty towards the franchise.

Though these comments never affected him personally as he has gone through a lot in these past years.

MS Dhoni mindset for a strong team

There were questions raised on his captaincy and batting order but it’s tough to see that no one understood his intentions behind it.

He is quite aware of his age and the game and even knows that team needs youngsters as well as experienced campaigners to keep being at the top of the table.

And that’s the reason he started batting down the order and experimenting with players for a better lineup in the future.

ms dhoni csk

If we look at the current season of IPL (2021) where CSK is ruling at the top of the table, it’s quite clear that MS Dhoni had risked a year as well as his reputation to build up a better team for future tournaments.

“Age is not just a number”

I agree that he is not that good with the bat, but let me convey to you that age is not just a number. It’s tough for an athlete in the 40’s to keep performing in the same way as in the ’20s.

The game will obviously change and big strokes will be converted into singles down the ground but the thing which will remain constant throughout is his mastermind to make it to a win.

The singles don’t mean he is no more able to hit sixes, rather it shows his ability to keep the game going and let the in-form batsman hit it out.


MS Dhoni’s trust in his team members makes him stand out as a better leader and bless the youngsters with a better future. Ruturaj Gaikwad, Deepak Chahar, and Shradul Thakur are a few good examples of it.

ms dhoni csk

A man who has captained and won 3 ICC tournaments for the country should never be questioned for his captaincy skills. The king was silent last year because he was strategizing for the battle and this time he is ready with the battalion to conquer the tournament.



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