Nicknames of Indian Cricketers

Every one of us has a nickname, RIGHT? (NICKNAMES OF INDIAN CRICKETERS)

And as we all know nicknames are never good rather, they are funkier.

As every induvial has a short name which describes them, similarly the Indian cricketers even have such short names given to them in the dressing room by their teammates, which truly defines them.

So, here is the list of the nicknames of the Indian cricketers :


virat kohli | nicknames of indian cricketers

The skipper got this name Cheeku, back then from one of his coaches from Delhi who compared him with the rabbit from Champak.

According to the coach his big ears, short hairs, and chubbier cheeks at those days made him look like the cute rabbit from Champak.

Though he is no more the Cheeku anymore still the cricket fraternity will always remember him with this name.

Shikhar Dhawan (JAT & GABBAR)

Shikhar Dhawan

Shikhar is quite popular with both the names and each of the names have their own story.

The nickname Jat was given to him because of his carefree and cool character.

This man always has a smile on his face, whatever the situation may be.

Even if he gets out for any of his silly mistakes on the ground, he has a smile on his face while walking back to the pavilion, because he strongly believes that it’s very necessary for every person to learn from his/her mistakes and keep growing.

The story behind the second name of Shikhar is quite more interesting.

The name Gabbar was given to him in his Ranji Days.

While playing Ranji he used to field at the silly point and when the opposition develops a good partnership he used to crack a dialogue from Sholay to distract the opposition and entertain the players in the ground.

The first dialogue which made him get addressed by this name was “ BAHUT YARANA LAGTA HAI”.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni ( MAHI )

Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Dhoni got this nickname of Mahi from his childhood itself.

From the starting of his cricketing career, he has been known with this name. The nickname MAHI is the shortened part of his first name Mahendra.

It sounds simple and even very easy utter.

Suresh Raina (Sonu)


There is no such story behind the nickname of Raina.

He got this name randomly in the ground while playing at home. During a match at home, one of the eleven fielders in the ground while fielding called him with this name asked him to shift to another fielding position. Since then everyone calls him with the name SONU.

Rohit Sharma (HITMAN / SHANA / RO)

On the ground, Rohit is usually called with the nickname RO or SHANA.

The nickname RO was given by his wife but gradually the entire team started to use the same.

SHANA was given to Rohit by Yuvraj Singh because of his ascent and even according to Yuvi he is one of the ‘WISE MAN’ of the team.

Next comes the last one, ‘The HITMAN’, this nickname became popular when the commentators started defining his name Rohit Sharma as RO-HITMAN- SHARMA for his powerful hits.

This name was also accepted by the crowd with love and respect and since then he is being known with this name for his fans.

Yuvraj singh (YUVI)


Yuvi is just a short name of Yuvraj. It is easy to pronounce Yuvi than Yuvraj. There is always a short name for each name and Yuvi is just one of them. The Juniors in the team usually call him “Yuvi Pa”.

Murali Vijay (The MONK)

Murali Vijay

Vijay has quite an interesting nickname as ‘MONK’. A long time back Vijay had shaved his head for the sake of trying a new look for him.

But this bald look typically made him look like a Monk in the monasteries and since then the teammates started teasing him with that name and even the fans loved it.

Hardik Pandya (HAIRY / ROCKSTAR)

Hardik Pandya | nicknames of indian cricketers

This young man is the coolest and stylish nigga of the Indian team.

His frequent change in styles of hair and beard led him to get such a unique nickname in the team i.e Hairy.

In every tournament, Hardik comes up with a new look and each of his looks has a separate fanbase.

The other nickname Rockstar completely defines this man. He is stylish, loves partying, and is the most famous among the ladies.

I know it sounds a bit funny but yes these qualities define a Rockstar.

Ravindra Jadeja (JADDU)

Ravindra Jadeja | nicknames of indian cricketers

Jaddu is the short name of his surname Jadeja. Even Ajay Jadeja was also known with this name on his time.

Jadeja got this name from Dhoni. He was the one who started calling him with the name Jaddu.

Yazuvendra Chahal (YUZI)

Yuzi is the shortened form of Yazuvendra. Its quite difficult to pronounce such a long and complicated word, so the cricket fraternity made it easy for the fans by shortening it to YUZI. The name Yuzi goes with the trend and even sounds good.

This was all about the nicknames of Indian cricketers, we hope you would have enjoyed the content.



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