SURESH RAINA – The Unsung Hero of Indian Cricket

Indian cricket has witnessed many heroes from the past few decades and Suresh Raina is one of them.

This man with immense talent has kept surprising the cricket fraternity with his amazing fielding and batting skills since 2005.

Suresh Raina

Raina is remembered for his humble and selfless attitude in the cricket fraternity.

He is someone who spreads positivity in the entire team and then celebrates his teammate’s victory as his own, such a selfless sporting spirit is quite hard to find.

Suresh Raina has bagged many tremendous records, which I doubt anyone could ever break.

His inside out shots through the covers will always be one of the favourite cricketing shots for every cricket fan.

Raina started his journey in International cricket in the year 2005 against Sri Lanka and according to him the start of his career was quite horrible as he got out of Duck in the first delivery itself.

Then after his game was quite improved and he became a good choice for the BBCI to consider in the middle order.

Raina’s career was never that easy go, he had faced many ups and downs but the thing which helped him stand strong and keep working hard was his self-belief.


He is the first Indian batsman to score a century in all three formats irrespective of playing down the order.

Raina being a run-scorer for the team needed to be played top the order so that he could get sufficient time to set on the pitch and score big for the team.

Though we used to see him playing top the order during Dhoni’s Era but gradually with years his batting order was fluctuated a lot and it made him lose his place in the Indian team.

Suresh Raina

And as always Sourav Ganguly said,

“Sachin Tendulkar wouldn’t have been Sachin Tendulkar if he would have been made to play in No.6 and this shows how important the role of the batting order is in excelling a cricketer’s game.”

Rahul Dravid even addressed his as a phenomenal cricketer and said,

“A lot of the success that India had in the last decade and a half in white-ball cricket, Suresh has been a great part of that. I think his contribution to India in the white-ball game is fantastic. One of those difficult things which Suresh did for Indian was batting lower down the order when you know his numbers could have been better if he would have batted in higher up in the order and that has been shown out in the success he had for Chennai Super Kings in the IPL where he bats at No.3 and its absolutely a phenomenal record and he is one of the phenomenal players of the IPL in the last decade or so. But for India for the most part of his career he batted lower down the order and still brought a lot to the team.”

Raina’s contribution to Indian Cricket

Raina has a great contribution in enhancing the benchmark of fielding in Indian cricket. 

He is the only player who used to field at the difficult positions back then and show his amazing skill being there.

Suresh is a player who completely focused on scoring for the team rather than for himself.

It has been seen in many games where Raina encourages the batsman in the batting end to keep scoring and enjoys the game standing on the other end.

And for this selfless nature of Raina, he is considered as a TEAM MAN.

In the 2011 World Cup, along with the other renowned players, Raina even had a great contribution to the team.

His two amazing knocks of 34*(28), 36*(39) in Quarter-Final and Semi-Final against Australia and Pakistan will always be remembered.

Suresh Raina

Not only 2011 but of every tournament, he has been a part of, he focuses on contributing the team either with bat or ball with his amazing knocks or maiden overs.

Raina’s down to earth and humble nature both on and off the field has made him earn huge respect in the cricket fraternity.

After Dhoni being named Thala by the Chennai fans, Raina even earned a respectful name of Chinna Thala which means the second most powerful leader after Dhoni.

Suresh Raina



1) The third batsman in the world and first Indian to hit a T20 century.

2) First-ever batsman to hit T20 century batting at No. 3 OR LOWER

3) 12th Indian player to score test century on debut

4) First Indian to score 6000 as well as 8000 runs in T20 career.

5) Only Indian batsman to hit centuries in all there formats.

Crick Academy Bids Adieu

Indian Cricket has lost a gem but will always be proud of his contribution to the country.

Such determined cricketers can never be replaced, they hold a higher position in Indian cricket as well as in the hearts of every cricket fan.

Suresh Raina

Crick Academy bids Abieu by Suresh Raina and wishes for a better inning in life ahead.


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