Test Cricket vs T20 Cricket: How short format cricket has deteriorated the beauty of test cricket

Test cricket vs T20 cricket

In the current era, short format cricket has gained a crazy fanbase all over the world.

Now, people enjoy watching 20 & 10 overs cricket ahead of 50 overs and test cricket. This fanbase of short-format cricket is due to some of the famous leagues like the Indian Premier League, Big Bash League, etc.

These leagues are a complete showcase of entertainment with huge sixes and deadly Yorkers.

Though these leagues are a great form of entertainment for the crowd as well as the players at some point it affects the actual beauty of cricket.

Test cricket is always considered as one of the finest formats of cricket and even named as ‘REAL CRICKET’.

Test cricket is a test of the all-around skills, patience, and stamina of a player. Previously being a part of the test team was a dream come true for many cricketers.  

After warming the benches off the field for many years, they used to get the opportunity to wear that white jersey.

But now even performing well in the shorter formats can lead you to book a slot in the team for the test cricket. And that’s what deteriorates the beauty of test cricket.

Mindset of cricketers

For a cricketer, it’s important to have a proper mindset and plan the game according to the respective format.

With different formats, the strategies and game plans are supposed to be changed.

Test cricket is a long-format game demands to play defensive cricket and wait for the right delivery to put a score on the board.


But with the influence of short formats, the game has changed a lot.

Now rather than defending and playing long innings, youngsters choose aggressive cricket which affects the beauty of the game and even their careers.

Game Style

Every cricketer has a different game style. They change it according to the demand of the game or format.

But when a player is supposed to play t20 cricket throughout the year including leagues and country cricket it becomes difficult for him/her to get out of that mode and pursue something new.


Test cricket is all about patience and persistence.

With defending every ball your confidence meter will be raising a bit.

Rahul Dravid is a great example of it. He taught us that if you are strongly biased towards your goal then you will wait for the right opportunity.

Even after playing 100 balls and scoring just a single run of it, this man will be ready to let go of the 101st delivery if it’s not in his slot and that’s what test cricket demands.

It demands you to respect every good delivery of the bowler and charge on the loose one.

How short format cricket affects bowlers?

Short format cricket is a merciless format for bowlers.

This format doesn’t let the bowlers to get the exposure according to their talent.

Due to flat pitches, the bowlers don’t get any help from the pitch and their game only depends on the variations they have.

And this is unfair to the game of cricket.

T20 cricket is just a show of power where the batsmen are given the freedom to crush the bowlers and entertain the crowd.  

Whereas in test cricket the pitch is made equally leveled. It gives the players the opportunity to perform based on their talent irrespective of being a batsman or bowler.


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Chinmay Nanda is a engineering student and also a big cricket enthusiast who follows and covers cricket very closely .Because of the love and passion he has for the game he started to write articles about different aspects of cricket. He is the founder of CRICK ACADEMY and also one of the contributors for the blog.

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