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In the game of cricket the act of hitting the ball with the bat to make runs as well as save owns wicket is known as batting. The person who does this is known as batsman. Rating was introduced in cricket in the year 1998 for Tests and ODIs. The aim of introducing ranking system was to analyze how good or bad a particular player plays throughout his career. The best of the batsmen we consider as the top 10 ODI Batsmen of the year 2018 are as follows :-


The elegant right handed batsman who currently captains the Indian Cricket Team is considered one of the best batsmen in this generation of cricket. He is an aggressive batsman with strong techniques. Generally plays in middle order but also seen to open the innings quite a few times. He known for his wide range of shots and especially his approach under pressure make him more a challenge for the opposition bowlers.
The right handed Pakistani batsman who also serves as the second in command of the Pakistan Cricket Team takes the second place in our list. He holds the record of most runs scored by any batsman after 25 innings and as well holds the joint fastest bats man to reach 1000 ODI runs. This ability to cut through gaps around the field makes him an asset for the Pakistan Cricket Team.

Considered to one of the most explosive batmen ever, this Australian Left handed batsman is the only Australian batsman in the 132 years of Australian Cricket to be considered for the National team without any experience in the First Class arena. His ability to reach the ball to the fences both by ground as well as by Ariel routes makes him the best in the list.

Often known by the name of Hit-Man by his fans, Rohit Sharma is the most reliable opener for the Indian Cricket. The only batsman in the history of cricket to score 2 centuries in ODIs with his technique makes him an asset for the team. He never uses power in his batting as he is a sheer timer of the cricket ball which is enough to send the ball long behind the fences.

This elegant Black Cap right handed batsman has been as integral part of the New Zealand cricket team for years from now. He is seen predominantly batting at number 4 and saving the team on a number a situations against the odds.



The young right handed English batsman is considered as one of the best talented batsman in this generation of cricket. He has not been able to show his talent too very often but no doubt he is one of the in the limited overs format of the game with his high wrist power in the game.

The 2017 South African Cricketer of the year is considered the best wicket keeper batsman of the decade and has been often compared to the Australian great Adam Gilcrist on the basis of his skills as well as shots. He also has a few runs in his kitty which gives him a place in the list.

The South African hard hitting batsman has been in the limelight due to his pinch hitting abilities and currently captains the South African team in all the formats of the game. His high back lift as well as use of the bottom hand makes him so important for the team. His continuing performance in the limited overs may take him up in this list in near future.



The New Zealand captain is some who deserves a much higher place in this list. But his recent lack of runs in his kitty has made us to place him this low in this list. Considered one the best batsman in the generation of cricket has great talent as well as ability to score all around the field. But his injuries have kept him off the field for quite a long times.



The Gabbar of the Indian Cricket team has not been at his best in the recent times as a result of this has been out of the team for a long time. But has responded well in the opportunities he got thus has a place in this doubt about his talent and shot playing abilities as we have seen him on rampage last year which is yet to come out this year.

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