Types of bowling in Cricket


Bowling is a part of cricket. It is the act of delivering the ball to  the batsman with an intent of dismissing the batsman by the bowler. The accuracy and pace of a bowler depends upon the action of the bowler. A good bowling attack of a team helps to restrict the opponent from scoring more.


Bowling is categorised into two types i.e pace and spin. The pace bowlers use the speed of the ball as their strength to dismiss the batsman where as the spin bowlers use the rotation of the ball.



 The main key of the pace bowlers to dismiss the batsman is their strength and energy. But along with this they need to maintain their accuracy for taking wickets at regular intervals. The pace bowlers are categorised into FAST BOWLERS, MEDIUM FAST BOWLERS, SLOW BOWLERS.  

If the bowling speed of a pace bowler is more than 135 km/h then he is a FAST BOWLER and  if the bowling speed varies between 100-130 km/h then he is a MEDIUM PLACE BOWLER. Many pace bowlers know the art of swinging the ball. A bowler becomes a big headache for the batsman when along with pace he uses the seam of the ball to make it travel through the air.

Fast bowlers
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Usually the pace bowlers start with a long run up because it helps them generate their pace. Pace bowlers are opt to start the innings for the bowling side because they get a lot of help from the pitch as well as the new ball ( it is easy to swing a new ball). During death overs when the batsman prefers to go for big hits, pace bowlers try their best to restrict them from doing so by giving their best.Sohaib Akhtar of pakistan has bowled the fastest ball of cricket which clocked a speed of 161.3 km/h.


spin bowlers
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Spin bowlers are the bowlers who have the talent to control the game with their finger tips . The strength of the spin bowlers to take wickets is their accurate pitching and the rotation of the ball. The spin on the ball makes it hard for the batsman to predict the movement and bounce and hence dismissing the batsman. Spin bowlers are categorised into WRIST SPIN and FINGER SPIN.

Wrist spinners are the bowlers who spin the ball using their wrists.  All the right handed wrist spinners are named as leg spinners. They spin the ball from the leg side to off side for a right handed batsman and the left handed wrist spinners are named as Chinaman. Some of the famous wrist spinners are SHANE WARNE, ANIL KUMBLE, ABDUL QADIR.


Finger spinners (off spinners) rotate the ball by using their fingers. All the right handed finger spinners are named as Off spinners. They spin the ball from off side to leg side for a right handed batsman.

The finger spinner generally turn the ball less than the leg spinners. The usual stock delivery for an finger spinner is off break but there are some more variation like arm bowl, doosra and carrom ball. Some of the most famous off spinners are Muttiah Muralitharan, Harbhajan Singh, Daniel Vettori.


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