Virat Kohli the current captain of the Indian Cricket team had taken over the captainship from the captain cool MS Dhoni after he stepped as the captain. There have been many instances where the leadership qualities have been criticized due to his highly expressive and animated nature on the field. Whereas the Vice-captain Rohit Sharma has been at his top forms when it comes to captainship due to his calmness on the field.

No doubt both are highly talented individual cricketers but there a lot of difference between them when it comes to the way of leading the team. Where Virat plays an aggressive captain by never missing a point of not pressurizing the opponents, whereas Rohit deals the same situation in a very different way from his colleague.
In the case of team selection Virat Kohli believes in utilizing the young guns and thus we have seen a lot number of debuts under his small tenure of captaincy. As well he very much less patient than Rohit while considering players. We have seen a lot number of changes in successive games under Virat. Whereas Rohit seems more often backing upon his experienced players.
Handling tough and crunch situations of the games also set a benchmark to judge a captain. Rohit Sharma at times proved that he has the ability to deal with the crunch situations of the game with his calm and composed nature. Virat has been noticed at lack of composure during crunch situations of the match. He always needs someone like MS Dhoni around him to deal with him, he is not going to be forever with him as he enters the dusk of his cricketing career.
Winning big tournaments as a captain of any team also pays off while leading any other team. Rohit has the experience of winning the IPL as the captain of the Mumbai Indians two times. But Virat has miserably failed as a captain in the IPL as well as hasn’t got any big tournaments under his arms as a captain.
The dependency of the players and setting an example for the teammates as a captain also makes a person a good captain.The Indian team on current date highly depends on Virat Kohli when it comes to the batting order. But in recent days we have seen all the batters taking on their charges very often. Rohit Sharma is also no doubt dependable but hasn’t been able to lead the batting attack front as done by Virat in many instances of his tenure.
So its very much difficult to decide who is better captain of the two best batsmen the Indian team has. But anyone who does have a chance has the right to be given a chance at the 2019 World Cup is not too far. Do say in the comments below about your opinions about the above post.




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