From ruling the entire cricket fraternity to the risk of losing the test cricket status the West Indies Cricket had a massive downfall over the decades.

A few decades back this team was a terror for the other international teams because of their deadly bowling line up and consistent run-scorers.

Few names like Sir Viv Richards, Micheal Holding, Curtly Ambrose, George Headly, Clive Lloyd, Malcolm Marshal, Andy Roberts strike to our mind when we think of the best line up of Windies a few decades back.

These cricketers had mesmerized the entire fraternity with their skills with ball and bat and thus are considered the legends in the present world.

But now its sad to see such a massive downfall of West Indies cricket.

A team that is always recalled because of the legendary cricketers it has gifted to cricketing society is now struggling to win games and to make it to the top of the table.

Here are some of the reasons which defines the current downfall of West Indies cricket -:


A captain is someone who holds the entire responsibility of the team and leads the team in a proper path to achieve the targeted goals.

Though a team has eleven players in the ground, the captain is the one who needs to take decisions at tough times to rescue the team and drive towards win.

And its sad to say that Jason Holder and Craig Brathwaite doesn’t have the quality to lead a team and thus the team is going through these tough phases.

Craig Brathwaite is a complete loss for the West Indies cricket.

Being an all-rounder, he is lacking to do his job for the team, neither he scores for the team nor he picks wickets.

And if such a player is given the responsibility to lead a team then the downfall of a team is an obvious thing.

Jason Holder’s game is something unpredictable, you need to wait to watch a good inning by him and sometimes it seems that he prefers to put runs in his scorecard rather than scoring for the team to win a certain game.

Now to a certain extent, it comes to mind that if the captain is failing to perform then on whom will the team rely on.

Communication is something that can make messed things better.

Similarly, on-field a captain’s communication with the bowler can boost up his confidence and he would be able to perform better but such type of communication is very rarely seen by the black captains.  


A batsman needs to have proper concentration and patience to put runs on the board. And the Windies batting line up has always disappointed their fans because of their poor performance.

They focus on big hits to put runs on the board but its quite necessary for them to understand that cricket is all about strategies and each player of the team needs to follow the strategy to push the team to a victory.

Shai hope and Shimron Hetmyer

Despite having talented cricketers like Shai Hope, Shimron Hetmyer, Nicholas Pooran, and Evin Lewis the West Indies Cricket is unable to refine their talent.

In such situations, the batting coach plays a very vital role for the team by mentoring the team with a winning strategical mindset.


In the ground, the windies have always been furious and unstoppable from the past few decades.

Pace, swing, and consistency were the three aspects which used to define the west indies bowling attack.

But gradually with time the downfall of West Indies bowling started. Though the bowlers nowadays have a fiery pace but the main factor where they lack is consistency.

If a bowler is not consistent with his bowling then the pace is of no use.

Sheldon Cottrel
Sheldon Cottrel salute after dismissing opponent batsman

But players like Sheldon Cottrel and Oshane Thomas are giving their heart out with their mind blowing performances.

Presently they are the perfect combo for the team with a fiery pace and consistency with the ball.


FIELDING’, the most important thing for a team to look after.

Basically fielding is not all about receiving the ball and throwing it back to the wicket-keeper, its mainly about restricting the batsmen to score runs.

A simple fielding miss on the ground can let a team lose or win a match.

And when it comes to fielding then fitness becomes a major factor, when you would be completely flexible and fit then only you can give your 100% on the ground.

But fielding has always been a drawback for the blacks.

Though few of them have good physical fitness but their interest for practice sessions and their involvement in the game is majorly missing.

There are many clips out in the media showing the misfielding done by the Windies cricketers and thus for that they are made fun of.

Until and unless they increase their involvement in the game it would be always difficult for them to perform well.


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Chinmay Nanda is a engineering student and also a big cricket enthusiast who follows and covers cricket very closely .Because of the love and passion he has for the game he started to write articles about different aspects of cricket. He is the founder of CRICK ACADEMY and also one of the contributors for the blog.

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