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 HOWZAT, this word is usually heard in a cricket field when the bowling team appeals to the umpire for the dismissal of the batsman. The pronunciation of this word has always been a mystery since the evolution of modern cricket. It’s been a headache for many to understand the meaning of that particular phrase. Out of those ‘many’ I am one of them, as earlier I used to mispronounce the word HOWZAT as “OUT WAS THAT” and later on my brother clarified me by saying the proper pronunciation is “HOW WAS THAT ?”. It is an appeal which is done by the fielding team to know whether the batsman is out or not. This appeal is done when the fielders and the bowler are not confident about the dismissal and depend on the umpire to give the decision. Leg Before Wicket and Caught Behind are the major dismissals at which the bowler appeals “HOWZAT”.   

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Chinmay Nanda is a engineering student and also a big cricket enthusiast who follows and covers cricket very closely .Because of the love and passion he has for the game he started to write articles about different aspects of cricket. He is the founder of CRICK ACADEMY and also one of the contributors for the blog.

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