In India cricket is considered as one of the most prime game. Almost every individual in this country loves playing and enjoying. Even a newborn baby grows up with an aim to become a cricketer. So in a country with so much craze of cricket, how many of us do know about the “FATHER OF INDIAN CRICKET”?

According to me very few would be knowing it and even I became a part of those few just 1 day before. The first thing which came to my mind when I heard those four words, was it would be a person who would have introduced cricket in India but actually he was 1st ever Indian to play cricket, thus giving him the title of “FATHER OF INDIAN CRICKET” will never be wrong.
Sir Ranjitsinhji Vibhaji Jadeja, the “FATHER OF INDIAN CRICKET” was born on 10th September 1872. Sir Jadeja was the ruler of Indian Princely state of Navanagar (now Jamnagar in Gujrat) from 1907 – 1933 and was named as MAHARAJ JAM SAHEB.
In 1896 as there was no Indian cricket team Sir Jadeja made his debut with England against Australia. He had played his first class for Cambridge University and had also been a part of the SUSSEX CLUB. Earlier it was quite difficult for the batsmen to play shots on the leg side, so they preferred to avoid playing on the leg side. While at the same time Sir Ranjit Jadeja invented shots like leg glance and late cuts. These shots are considered as the most beautiful shots in cricket.
The career statistics of Sir Jadeja is quite more interesting and will give you an idea about his standard of cricket.


15               307

Run Scored                        
  989         24,692

Batting Average                
44.95        56.37

  2/6         72/109

Highest Score                  
 175          285*

In the year 1904, he returned back to India and started working for the development of his state and Indian Cricket. On April 2, 1933, Sir Ranjitsinhji Vibhaji Jadeja one of India’s greatest cricketer took his last breath and further in the year 1934 giving a tribute to him Ranji Trophy was started.                                 


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