Who Will Qualify for The IPL 2021 Playoffs?

Covid-19 had delayed the IPL 2021 schedule earlier. But the tournament is now live again with fans allowed to the stadiums. IPL had been postponed earlier this May but it resumed on 19th September 2021. There are high stakes as to which teams will qualify for the Playoffs in this season of IPL. People are betting for their favourite team to reach the playoffs. In fact, online betting sites allow you to bet on your favourite team and earn money using your cricket knowledge. You can do it all from the comfort of your home as it is completely online and you only need a smartphone or laptop.

Since the restart of the tournament in UAE, Mumbai has lost both their games as they went down to Chennai Super Kings on Sunday. The points on the IPL Point Table can give an insight as to who can make it to the playoffs.

So, according to the Points Table, the following teams might qualify for the IPL 2021 Playoffs.

1.   Delhi Capitals

As per the Points Table, Delhi Capitals led by Rishabh Pant is at the number one spot. The team has already won 7 out of 9 matches. Thus, Delhi Capitals have comfortably secured their place in the playoffs.

With 5 matches remaining, and to ensure their place in the play-offs, they only have to win one match. Nevertheless, the team also looks to secure the top two spots. On Wednesday, Delhi Capitals defeated SunRisers Hyderabad. So, IPL 2021 is all but over for SunRisers Hyderabad.

2.    Chennai Super Kings

Chennai Super Kings had a disastrous season in IPL 2020. But it was a team to defeat this year in the first leg of the season. The team is led by MS Dhoni. They appeared comfortable and settled in the first leg. In the second leg, too, they have been off to a good start. Chennai Super Kings have defeated Mumbai Indians and were in the second spot. After defeating RCB in their next match, they moved closer to the IPL playoffs. They now need only 1 more victory from the remaining 5 matches to reach the playoffs.

ipl 2021

In case this team is able to make it to the playoffs, it will be their 11th time. That’s highly promising.

3.    Royal Challengers Bangalore

Next, on the list is Royal Challengers Bangalore. The team under the captainship of Virat Kohli has begun the tournament with a bang as they secure four consecutive wins. However, they were defeated by KKR. Thus, at this stage, they are at number 3 on the points table. Until now, they have been able to win 5 matches out of 8. Royal Challengers Bangalore has lost against CSK, KKR, and Punjab Kings.

If they are able to win the 3 matches out of the 5 that remain, they can make it to the playoffs. It will also be interesting to see who will lead RCB next year as Virat will step down as captain for IPL 2022.

4.     Kolkata Knight Riders

Kolkata Knight Riders are back into the race. If they are able to maintain the momentum of the previous two matches, they are likely to make it to the playoffs. With 4 victories in 9 matches, they have moved to the fourth position on the Point Table. With just 5 games remaining, the team needs 3 more victories and they will book their place in the playoffs.

In the matches that remain, KKR has to lock horns with Punjab Kings, Delhi Capitals, SunRisers Hyderabad, and Rajasthan Royals. So, fans will just have to wait to find out if they can maintain their position in the Points Table.

5.     Rajasthan Royals

The team lead by Sanju Samson has played well against Punjab. This gave them their 4th victory in the 8 games they have played. But if they are able to play well in the next few matches, they have a chance to qualify. They need 3 wins in their 6 matches to make it to the playoffs.

Rajasthan Royals have matches against Chennai Super Kings, Royal Challengers Bangalore, Kolkata Knight Riders, Mumbai Indians, Sunrisers Hyderabad, and Delhi Capitals. So, there is a good possibility of this team replacing Kolkata Knight Riders in the Points Table.

Team That Cannot Qualify for IPL 2021 Playoffs

Here is a list of teams whose position in the playoff race appears to be shaky with every passing match.

  1. Mumbai Indians
ipl 2021

Mumbai Indians, the defending champions did not get off to a good start in this season. Their dream of making it to finals this year seems to be slipping off with every match. In the second leg, they first lost to CSK and then to KKR. MI failed to prove their metal in this IPL season. They have now fallen to the 6th position on the Point Table. Sure, the Rohit Sharma-led team has won the IPL 5 times but this time the chances appear to be pretty bleak.

2. Punjab Kings

Another team that is unlikely to make it to the playoffs is Punjab Kings. The team has always been the underachievers. At present, they hold the 7th position on the Point Table of IPL. In the first leg of IPL 2021, they were able to secure only 3 victories in 8 matches. But it is the match with Rajasthan Royals that has put them in a difficult situation. If they lose even a single match, they will lose the opportunity to make it to the playoffs.  

3. SunRisers Hyderabad

This team has the last position on the table. They have won only 1 game out of 8. Hence, it is for certain that SRH is out of the playoff race. But they have to reverse that they need to win 6 out of 6 matches, that is highly unlikely.

Bottom Line

The IPL has always been a delight for cricket fans. There are so many analyses and probabilities of matches that it becomes difficult to predict the teams that are going to make it to the playoffs. Now, we only have to wait to find out who actually makes it to the playoffs.


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